About Us

We create comfort for the afflicted, satisfaction for the desired,
and new opportunities for those who have lost hope

Business Area

We are focusing on developing cell therapies for incurable diseases and medical devices for future medical services by utilizing adult stem cell research's core technology.

Cell Bank
  • Blood Cell (HaemoStem)
  • Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (WinerStem)
  • Cord Blood & Cord-Derived Stem Cells (MamanStem)
  • Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DentiStem)
Cell Therapy Product
  • HuriCell-Derma™ (Vitiligo)
  • HuriCell-Hepa™ (Liver disease)
  • Raw Material for Functional Cosmetics
Medical Device
  • Fully-Automatic SVF Isolator
  • - HuriCell® with 19 Global Patents
  • - Accredited Quality Management System (ISO-9001)
  • - Officially Launched in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Jordan