Cell Therapy

Innovative Treatment for Incurable Disease



HuRicell-Derma™(Vitiligo) is a cell therapy product utilizing melanin transplantation technology based on adipose-derived stem cells


Status of Current Research
(Dermatology, with Dong-guk University)

  • 'Support Project for Cell Therapy Products' from MOHW and completed nonclinical study through GLP regulations (1 billion KRW research funds)
  • The IND stage 1 and 2a of HuRicell-Derma™ will proceed in the next year (MFDS)

Vitiligo is an epigenetic bleaching disease in which white spots appear on the skin due to the death of melanocytes, and it occurs mainly on the exposed parts of the body (Mostly face and hand).
The autologous epidermal cell transplantation is the most effective treatment with a low recurrence rate.
It affects 1-2% of the population regardless of race and gender; 50% of them are the age of 10s to 20s.


Patients in Korea (Vitiligo) /
(Reference : Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)

  • The number of patients (vitiligo) in domestic increased from 50,548 in 2011 to 63,014 in 2017.